Two complementary approaches to event-based control

L. Grüne, S. Jerg, O. Junge, D. Lehmann, J. Lunze, F. Müller, M. Post: Two complementary approaches to event-based control
at-Automatisierungstechnik 58 (Special Issue on Networked Control Systems), 173 - 182, 2010

DOI: 10.1524/auto.2010.0832
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Event-based control aims at reducing the communication effort within a control loop by closing the feedback loop only if an event indicates e.g. a substantial control error. This paper proposes two new methods for event-based control that conjointly guarantee ultimate boundedness of the event-based control loop. The global approach faces the problem of driving a system from its initial state into a desired target set in the state space, whereas the local approach aims at keeping the system state within the target set. Both methods are experimentally evaluated by their application to a thermofluid process.

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