DAOC 2013 - Third SADCO Industrial Workshop
on "Safety Systems, Driver Assistance and Optimal Control"

27-28 January 2014, Volkswagen AG Mobile Life Campus, Wolfsburg, Germany


Robert Baier, Matthias Gerdts (Bundeswehruniversität München),
Ilaria Xausa (Volkswagen AG)


  • VW members and SADCO members will present their research activities on safety systems and optimal control, showing both the commercial and academic side of research.
  • The VW company will show exhibitions on driver assistance systems with driving tests and the participants are offered a tour through the production and to Autostadt, the automotive theme park.

Webpage of the Workshop:

Please see the webpage of the DAOC workshop for further information on the scientific program and the venue.

Further information:

Participation at DAOC 2013 will be free of charge but the participants are limited to SADCO members. Registration was open from October, 11 to November 16, 2013.

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