BMBF Project "Wear simulation of knee implants and shape optimization for patient-group specific wear minimization" (SOAK) - Subproject 3

start of the project: 07/2013 , end of the project: 06/2016

contract number: 05M2013

funding institution:


project members

principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Anton Schiela

project members

M.Sc. Georg Müller

external project members

Prof. Dr. Ralf Kornhuber (FU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Oliver Sander (RWTH Aachen),

Dr. Martin Weiser (Zuse Institute Berlin)

Industry partners

aap Implantate AG, Questmed GmbH

aims of the project

For the market admittance of joint implants, a standardized wear test has to be performed. During the design phase, similar tests are necessary as well. Those tests are very cost and time expensive. The project aims at the development of simulation and optimization methods for substituting some of the design phase tests by simulations. Additionally, the design process shall be accelerated by shape optimization, and the offered implants be tailored to the patient population by taking different patient groups into account.

The project is conducted jointly by the partners FU Berlin, RWTH Aachen, University of Bayreuth und Zuse Institute Berlin.

Optimization of the Implant

In the optimization of the implant form, there is a dynamical contact problem as a constraint, which model the movement of the knee. The underlying mathematical problem is time dependent and defined on a complex three dimensional geometry. Since contact problems are modelled by variational inequalities rather than equations, the contraints are non-smooth.

The focus of this sub-project is on the development of an efficient algorithm for this kind of optimization problem. Within the total project we plan to use this algorithm together with the refined model for various optimization tasks.

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