DFG-Project "Analysis and design of event-based control with quantized measurements - networked systems -"

start of the project: 2010 , end of the project: 2015

contract number: GR 1569/11-2

funding institution:

DFG (Priority Programme 1305)

project members

principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Lars Grüne

project members

Dr. Manuela Sigurani

external project members

Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Lunze, Dipl.-Ing. Christian Stöcker (Ruhr-University of Bochum)

Prof. Dr. O. Junge, Dr. Péter Koltai (Technical University of Munich)

aims of the project

In this project a control scheme shall be developed for which physically coupled subsystems are to be stabilized  by several event-based controllers which share a common communication network. A challenge to the analysis and design of this control scheme results from the asynchronous event generation of the control-loops.

We pursue a global approach in which the controller is computed numerically by solving a discrete event optimal control problem based on quantization and a hypergraph representation of the system. Since this approach is only feasible in low space dimensions, we aim at developing a decentralized approach in which input-to-state stabilizing (ISS) controllers are designed for each subsystem such that the stability of the overall system can be ensured by ISS small gain arguments.

We already developed a program which is able to compute an ISS-controller for unconnected systems  numerically, but not event-based. The main challenge is the extension of our formulation to the efficient design of event-based ISS controllers for connected systems. 

Theoretically, the main focus will lie on the development of ISS small gain results in the discrete event setting, in particular in presence of asynchronous events..


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