International Doctorate Program within the Elite Network of Bavaria "Identification, Optimization and Control with Applications in Modern Technologies"

start of the project: 2006 , end of the project: 2013

contract number: K-NW-2004-143

funding institution: Elite Network of Bavaria

project members

principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Lars Grüne

project members

Dipl.-Math. Luc N. Muhirwa

Dr. Marleen Stieler

Dr. Nils Altmüller

Dipl.-Math Marcus von Lossow

aims of the project

Identification, Optimization and Control play a fundamental role in modern technologies. The focus on this topic is the main attribute of this mathematically oriented network.

The concentration of internationally well-known scientists in the northern part of Bavaria working in this field provides perfect research conditions.

The ultimate goal of the scientific program is to realize the step from model based simulation to model based design and control. This goal can be achieved only in a joint effort between modern mathematical optimization, control theory and high performance computing.

In the second period of this doctorate program more emphasis will be given to engineering applications. In that period the new concepts and methods that have been previously explored will be applied to concrete problems. Moreover, new concepts of teaching and mentoring will be developed and utilized.

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