ITN SADCO: Marie-Curie Initial Training Network "Sensitivity Analysis for Deterministic Controller Design"

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start of the project: 2011 , end of the project: 2014

contract number: 264735-SADCO (grant agreement number)

funding institution: European Commission (EU)

project members

principal investigator

further members of the German team

industry partners of the German team

  • Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany (Dr. Oskar Ries, Christian Wegwerth)
  • Astos Solutions, Stuttgart, Germany (Andreas Wiegand, Sven Weikert)

network partners

project members

Dr. Cédric Martinez Campos (until Feb 28, 2013)

Dr. Roberto Guglielmi

Dr. Huijuan Li

Dr. Vryan Gil S. Palma

M. Sc. Sonja Rauski

Dr. Ilaria Xausa

aims of the project

The multi-partner initial training network SADCO establishes a collaborative research and training network of 11 full partners, both academic and industrial. It aims at

  • training of young researchers and future scientific leaders in the field of control theory with emphasis on the two major themes sensitivity and deterministic controller design
  • advancing the theory and developing new numerical methods
  • conveying fundamental scientific contributions within European industrial sectors.

projects of the German team:


see the list of events on the SADCO homepage

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