ITN SADCO "Discrete mechanics and optimal control" (Task 1.5)

start of the project: 2011 , end of the project: 2013

contract number: 264735-SADCO (grant agreement number)

funding institution: European Commission (EU)

project members

principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Oliver Junge (Technical University of Munich)

project members

Dr. Cédric Martinez Campos (until Feb 28, 2013)

aims of the project

Recently, a new numerical approach ("DMOC") to the solution of optimal control problems for mechanical systems has been proposed which is based on a direct discretization of the Lagrange-d'Alembert principle (instead of discretizing the equations of motion). This approach yields a finite-difference type discretization of the dynamical constraints of the problem on configuration space only which by construction preserves important structural properties of the system, like the evolution of the momentum maps associated to the symmetries of the Lagrangian or the energy behaviour.

In this project, the aim is to extend the DMOC approach to nonsmooth solutions, to develop adaptive discretizations and higher order schemes.

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