Redesign techniques for nonlinear sampled-data systems

L. Grüne, D. Nesic, J. Pannek, K. Worthmann: Redesign techniques for nonlinear sampled-data systems
at-Automatisierungstechnik 56 (Special Issue on Digitally Networked Systems), 38 - 48, 2008

DOI: 10.1524/auto.2008.0684
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In the emulation approach to controller design for networked control systems the controller is first designed in continuous time ignoring the network and then implemented as a sampled-data controller. While very attractive for its simplicity, typically sufficiently small sampling periods are needed in order to ensure satisfactory performance of the resulting sampled-data closed loop. Thus, in the presence of network bandwidth constraints performance loss up to instability may occur. In this paper we present a variety of analytical and numerical techniques for the redesign of sampled-data controllers which improve the sampled-data performance of the non-redesigned controller and aim at reducing the necessary communication bandwidth.

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