A networked unconstrained nonlinear MPC scheme

L. Grüne, J. Pannek, K. Worthmann: A networked unconstrained nonlinear MPC scheme
in: Proceedings of the European Control Conference (ECC) 2009, Budapest, Hungary, 2009, 371 - 376

Smart-Link: http://www.conferences.hu/ecc09/
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In this paper we propose an MPC scheme with a compensation mechanism for packet dropouts in a network connection between controller and actuator. We provide a stability and suboptimality analysis of the scheme based on asymptotic controllability properties and show that for large classes of systems we obtain the same stability conditions as for classical MPC and in particular stability for sufficiently large optimization horizon. As a byproduct, we observe that longer control horizons may improve the performance of the MPC closed loop. We illustrate our results by the standard inverted pendulum on a cart problem.

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