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Dr. Tobias Graf

until June 30, 2005: PhD student


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research area for the PhD thesis

  • optimal control
  • optimization of orbits
  • satellite transfer into a geostationary orbit

selected publications

T. Graf: Satellitentransfer von einem Geotransferorbit in einen geostationären Orbit
in: PhD thesis, xiv + 158 pp., Bayreuth, Germany, 2005

K. Chudej, Ch. Büskens, T. Graf: Solution of a Hard Flight Path Optimization Problem by Different Optimization Codes High-Performance Scientific and Engineering Computing
in: High Performance Scientific and Engineering Computing, M. Breuer, F. Durst, Ch. Zenger (eds.)
Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 21, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg, 2002, 289 - 296

Diploma Thesis:
Flugbahnoptimierung eines Niedrig-Schub-Raumfahrzeugs.
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Mathematics in Engineering Sciences, University of Bayreuth, May 2001.

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