M.Sc. Georg Müller

Sep 2016 - Mar 2018: scientific assistant
Oct 2014 - Aug 2016: project member
currently: University of Konstanz


email: see homepage of Georg Müller

research focus

  • optimal control of dynamic contract problems
  • applications in medicine


Selected publications at the ERef server

Doctoral thesis

Müller, Georg
Optimal control of time-discretized contact problems
Bayreuth, 2019. - x, 213 page
doi:10.15495/EPub_UBT_00004379 ...
(dissertation, 2019, )

Preprint, postprint, working paper, discussion paper

Christof, Constantin; Müller, Georg
A Note on the Equivalence and the Boundary Behavior of a Class of Sobolev Capacities
Bayreuth, 2017. - 27 page ...

Courses in Summer Semester 2017

Courses in Winter Semester 2016/17

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