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Department of Mathematics

Chair of Applied Mathematics Prof. Dr. L. Grüne / Prof. Dr. A. Schiela

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Banner Lehrstuhl mit Artikel, Bleistift und Laptop resp. banner photo for the chair with printed-out paper, pencial and laptop

The research interests of the Chair of Applied Mathematics lie in the area of Numerical and Applied Analysis with applications in Systems and Control Theory, Function Space oriented Optimization, and Set-Valued Numerics. This is also the focus of our teaching activities. Apart from introductory courses on Numerical Mathematics more advanced lectures and seminars on current topics in Numerical Mathematics, Optimization, and Systems and Control Theory are offered.

Professors at the chair are Prof. Dr. Lars Grüne and Prof. Dr. Anton Schiela (who are jointly heading the chair) and Prof. em. Dr. Frank Lempio (emeritus, former head of chair).

responsible for the content: Lars Grüne

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