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If you stay over night in Bayreuth, we will typically reserve a room in the Hotel Residenzschloss (H3 on the map), Erlanger Str. 37, in the Hotel Arvena (H1 on the map), Eduard-Bayerlein-Str 5a, in the Hotel Lohmühle (H2 on the map), Badstr 37, or in the Hotel Goldener Löwe (H4 on the map), Kulmbacher Str. 30.

Location of the hotels and the bus stops

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How to reach the Hotel and the University:

The university campus is located about 3.5 km south of the city center. The hotels Arvena, Residenzschloss and Goldener Löwe are a few walking minutes west of the city center.

Public transport

Information about public transport in Bayreuth including bus lines can be obtained via the time table of the German Railways "Deutsche Bahn".

Follow the advices given in the webpage for additional infos on the bus traffic in Bayreuth.

Walking from the station to the hotel

If you prefer to walk from the station to the hotels Residenzschloss and Goldener Löwe (15-20 minutes), the slightly longer way via "Luitpoldplatz", either "Opernstraße" (passing "Opera House" of Margravine Wilhelmine) or via "Kanalstraße, Schulstraße" and then via "Maximilianstraße" is much nicer than the way along the four lane ring road "Hohenzollernring".

Walking from the bus stop to the institute

For the way from the bus stop "Mensa" to the Mathematical Institute (in the building "NW II" of the Natural Sciences) see the following map. In the building you find us on the first floor "3.2.O1", rooms Nr. 530-535 and 537-538.

Attention: The main entrance of the building NW II is located on floor "-1". The info point 7 is located very close to the building NW II.

Campus Maps

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Additional maps of the university:

Arrival by car or taxi

If you arrive by car or taxi, then the parking lot "Parkplatz NW II" is the most convenient one. Please make sure to enter the campus through the main access at the traffic light (see the slightly old map with the highway exit).

From the highway A9 take the exit "Bayreuth Süd" and follow the signs to "Universität" (see the map with the highway A9 and the map with the highway exit and the entry point for cars). You will reach the main access after about 1 km.

From the city center, enter the ring road ("Hohenzollernring/Wittelsbacherring") and follow the signs to "Universität".

If you travel from abroad, Bayreuth is situated in the northern part of the federal state Bavaria at the highway A9, around 100 km northeast from Nuremberg (Nürnberg).

Arrival by plane or train

If you arrive from outside Germany – unless you prefer to take the train – the airport of Nürnberg (NUE) is the most convenient one for reaching Bayreuth. From Nürnberg Airport travelling to Bayreuth by U-Bahn (underground) and train takes 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours.

At the ticket vending machine of the VGN (VGN = Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg, i.e. public transport in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg) outside the airport terminal you can buy a ticket directly to Bayreuth which is valid both for the U-Bahn and the train. This is more convenient and cheaper than buying a ticket from the airport to the railway station and then another ticket from there to Bayreuth. The price of the ticket is currently €10.40 (as of April 2015). Information about connections are available from the travel information of the German railway.

Please be aware that most of the trains from Nürnberg to Bayreuth consist of several parts with different destinations and only one of them runs to Bayreuth. Please watch the announcement boards at the platform in Nürnberg and the message boards outside and inside the train to make sure that you board the right part of the train.

Alternative airports are Munich (MUC) and Frankfurt/Main (FRA) from which you can reach Bayreuth by train in 3-4 hours, which can be faster than waiting for a connection flight to Nürnberg. It may thus be worthwhile to compare several options (train timetables are available from German railway).

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