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How to reach the university campus by bus

Bus stops at the campus

There are three bus stops at the campus, but we only recommend “Mensa”, see the campus maps with MTNS 2022 locations highlighted or the general campus map. All buses stop here and this is the only bus stop where MTNS signs will direct you to the Audimax or NW 2.

Bus lines to and from the campus

The following bus lines serve the university campus: Lines 304, 306, and 326 run from Central Bus Station (ZOH, Bus Stop L) in the town centre to the campus and back, Line 316 runs from the Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) to the campus and back. Lines 304, 306, and 316 run during the day while Line 326 runs in the evening and on weekends. Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 19:00 buses from ZOH to the university and back run every 10 minutes.

  • Bus 304: direction “Birken-Universität” runs to the campus, direction “ZOH” runs to the town centre
    Itinerary and time tables
  • Bus 306 Direction “Campus” runs to the campus, direction “Roter Hügel” or “ZOH” runs to the town centre
    Itinerary and time tables
  • bus 316: direction “Campus” runs to the campus, direction “Hauptbahnhof” runs to the train station
    Itinerary and time tables
  • Bus 326: direction “ZOH-Oberfrankenhalle-Campus” makes a round trip from the town centre to the campus and back, runs only in the evening and on weekends
    Itinerary and time tables

In the itineraries, select “show line in map” for a graphical display.

Additional shuttle buses

In the morning, we have arranged additional MTNS shuttle buses, which run from Luitpoldplatz in the town centre to the university. These buses leave on 9:20am on Sunday (for the pre-conference workshop) and on 8:30am on Monday to Friday, i.e., just in time for the plenary talks. The buses depart near the “Sparkasse”, on the opposite side of the road and carry the sign “MTNS”.


Tickets can be bought from the driver (cash only), from the vending machines at the ZOH or the train station (cash or card), or via the VGN app. A single ride is 2.10€ for a paper ticket or 1.80€ in the VGN app. If you plan to use the bus more than once, you can obtain a discounted ticket for four rides (“Viererkarte”, 7.20€) or a pass for seven days (“MobiCard 7 Tage”, 15.20€). The app is also very convenient for making individual time table queries and can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.
VGN is the public transport association of the Nürnberg metropolitan area including Bayreuth. The shuttle buses from Luitpoldplatz are complimentary.

Sample bus connections

You may adapt these connections by using the “change” button.

Requirements in public transport

Please note that wearing a face mask is mandatory on public transport in Germany!

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