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How to reach Bayreuth by train

Bayreuth is linked with fast regional trains to Nürnberg central station (“Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof”, short “Nürnberg Hbf”), which is served by high-speed ICE trains and long-distance IC trains to and from all over Germany and Europe. Additional long-distance connections run via Bamberg or Coburg.

Bayreuth's central train station “Bayreuth Hbf” is located a few 100 metres north of the town centre.

Time table queries

Information about connections can be found using the time table query by Deutsche Bahn (DB). Here you can also buy tickets for your journey.

For mobile use, the DB Navigator App is convenient for time table queries, for buying tickets, and for online information during your journey.


Tickets can be bought online (see above) or at counters or vending machines at all major train stations. If you buy your ticket in advance, the so called “savings fares” offer substantially reduced prices. However, these fares are only valid for the chosen connection, while the more expensive “Flexpreis” tickets are valid for every connection via the same route on the chosen day. For more information see the Deutsche Bahn booking information.

If you travel more than once with Deutsche Bahn, buying a BahnCard for obtaining reduced prices may be worth a consideration.

Please note: Some regional connections around Bayreuth require a VGN ticket, which is only available via the DB Navigator App, the VGN App, or at the stations but not via the DB web site. VGN is the public transport association of the Nürnberg metropolitan area including Bayreuth.

Seat reservation

Second class fares do not include reserved seats, but you can add these at a small fee during the booking process.
Seat reservation is advisable in ICE and IC trains during peak hours.


Please consider using the train instead of the plane when travelling to Bayreuth from Germany or from neighbouring European countries. This may take a little longer but significantly reduces your CO2 footprint.


Please note: The trains running from Nürnberg or Bamberg to Bayreuth often consist of several parts that are split during the journey. Only some of the carriages run to Bayreuth. Please check the signs on the platform and at the train entrances to make sure that you are in the right part of the train. When in doubt, please ask the staff or fellow travellers. In case you need to ask: Bayreuth is pronounced [ˈbaɪrɔɪt].

Long distance coaches

As an alternative to the train, Flixbus offers several direct coach connections per day between selected German and European cities and Bayreuth. Please see the the Flixbus web site for details.

Requirements in public transport

Please note that wearing a face mask is mandatory on public transport in Germany!

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