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Yegorov, Ivan; Dower, Peter M.; Grüne, Lars
Synthesis of control Lyapunov functions and stabilizing feedback strategies using exit‐time opt ...
in Optimal Control Applications and Methods (2021)
doi:10.1002/oca.2732 ...

Grüne, Lars; Muff, David; Schaller, Manuel
Conditions for strict dissipativity of infinite-dimensional generalized linear-quadratic proble ...
Bayreuth ; Ilmenau, 2021. - 9 page

Grüne, Lars; Meurer, Thomas
Finite-dimensional output stabilization of linear diffusion-reaction systems : a small-gain app ...
Bayreuth ; Kiel, 2021. - 13 page

Grüne, Lars
Computing Lyapunov functions using deep neural networks
in Journal of Computational Dynamics volume 8 (2021) issue 2. - page 131-152
doi:10.3934/jcd.2021006 ...

Pötzl, Bastian; Schiela, Anton; Jaap, Patrick
Second order semi-smooth proximal Newton methods in Hilbert spaces
Bayreuth, 2021. - 28 page

Baumann, Michael Heinrich; Janischewski, Anja
Price bubble definitions and strict local martingales
Maths in the Social Sciences Research Group, Online

Grüne, Lars; Schaller, Manuel; Schiela, Anton
Abstract nonlinear sensitivity and turnpike analysis and an application to semilinear parabolic ...
in ESAIM : Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations (2021)
doi:10.1051/cocv/2021030 ...

Grüne, Lars; Guglielmi, Roberto
On the relation between turnpike properties and dissipativity for continuous time linear quadra ...
in Mathematical Control and Related Fields volume 11 (2021) issue 1. - page 169-188
doi:10.3934/mcrf.2020032 ...

Grüne, Lars; Mechelli, Luca; Pirkelmann, Simon; Volkwein, Stefan
Performance estimates for economic model predictive control and their application in proper ort ...
in Mathematical Control and Related Fields (2021) . - page 1-21
doi:10.3934/mcrf.2021013 ...

Grüne, Lars
Dissipativity and optimal control
Bayreuth, 2021

Grüne, Lars; Krügel, Lisa
Local turnpike analysis using local dissipativity for discrete time discounted optimal control
Bayreuth, 2021

Wu, Chengshuai; Grüne, Lars; Kriecherbauer, Thomas; Margaliot, Michael
Behavior of totally positive differential systems near a periodic solution
Bayreuth ; Tel Aviv, 2021

Grüne, Lars; Kriecherbauer, Thomas; Margaliot, Michael
Random attraction in the TASEP model
in SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems volume 20 (2021) issue 1. - page 65-93
doi:10.1137/20M131446X ...
rev.: AMS MatSciNet

Fleig, Arthur; Grüne, Lars
Strict dissipativity analysis for classes of optimal control problems involving probability den ...
in Mathematical Control and Related Fields (2021) . - page 1-30
doi:10.3934/mcrf.2020053 ...

Fleig, Arthur
Model Predictive Control for the Fokker--Planck Equation
Bayreuth, 2021. - VI, 145 page
doi:10.15495/EPub_UBT_00005421 ...
(dissertation, 2021, )

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