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Department of Mathematics

Chair of Applied Mathematics Prof. Dr. L. Grüne / Prof. Dr. A. Schiela

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The Chair of Applied Mathematics developed (partially) the following software products and offers support in applications.

  • Kaskade7 (ZIB Berlin)
    flexible C++ toolbox for finite element computations
  • Spacy (Lars Lubkoll)
    C++ library for vector space and function space oriented algorithms
  • nMPyC
    Python package for solving optimal control problems via model predictive control (MPC)
  • DeepLyapunov
    Example code from this paper for the computation of Lyapunov functions with Neural Networks
  • MAPLE for SDEs
    Maple Stochastics Package (currently not available due to the shutdown of the server)
  • The C++ implementation YANE of a Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Algorithm (NMPC) is currently no longer maintained.

responsible for the content: Lars Grüne

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