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Department of Mathematics

Chair of Applied Mathematics Prof. Dr. L. Grüne / Prof. Dr. A. Schiela

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Our research interests lie in the area of numerical and applied analysis with applications in nonlinear optimization and control problems. A particular emphasis lies on the interaction of analysis and numerics.

Currently, we are mainly working on the following major topics:

  • Model predictive control
  • Numerical optimal control
  • Optimization with partial differential equations
  • Function space oriented numerics
  • Applications in computational medicine
  • Stability theory for nonlinear systems
  • Set-valued analysis and numerics

Specific topics range from optimization based controller design via viscosity solution theory for Hamilton-Jacobi PDEs, computation of Lyapunov functions, Newton-method and interior point algorithms in function spaces, dynamical contact problems to the calculation of reachable sets and arithmetic set operations.

Here you can find an overview of our research projects and a list of phd theses and habilitations.

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