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Department of Mathematics

Chair of Applied Mathematics Prof. Dr. L. Grüne / Prof. Dr. A. Schiela

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DFG project "Optimization on manifolds for the numerical solution of equality constrained variational problems"

start of the project: 2016 , end of the project: 2019

contract number: SCHI 1379/3-1

funding institution: DFG (Research Grants)


principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Anton Schiela

project members

Dr. Julián Ortiz Lopez


Aim of the project is to develop robust and efficient optimization methods for equality constrained problems on nonlinear manifolds. This extended framework yields additional flexibility to exploit nonlinear problem structure. We will extend an existing affine covariant composite step method to the manifold case, and exploit the benefits of its invariance properties.We will focus on two prototypical applications, which also serve as test cases to continuously evaluate and improve our algorithms. The first will be the construction of an interior point method by using the Riemannian structure of the positive cone, the second application will consider optimization problems involving Cosserat rods.

For further information see the web page on the project.

responsible for the content: Lars Grüne

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