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Vortrag von Christian Fikar im MODUS-Oberseminar: „Operations research methods for sustainable food deliveries“

Mittwoch, den 9. November 2022 um 12:15 Uhr

Am Mittwoch, dem 9. November 2022, um 12:15 Uhr spricht im S 102, FAN, Gebäudeteil „FAN-B“

Herr Prof. Dr. Christian Fikar
Professur für Food Supply Chain Management
Fakultät VII für Lebenswissenschaften
Universität Bayreuth, Campus Kulmbach

im Rahmen des

Forschungszentrums für Modellierung und Simulation (MODUS).

über das Thema

„Operations research methods for sustainable food deliveries“.


Food supply chain management is challenged by various uncertainties present in daily operations such as fluctuation in supply and demand as well as varying product qualities along production and logistics. Related processes are highly complex as various product characteristics need to be considered simultaneously to ship products from farm to fork on time and in the right quality. To contribute to a reduction in food waste and losses, this talk provides an overview of recent operations research activities in the context of last-mile deliveries of perishable food items. A special focus is set on the consideration of quality aspects as well as on deriving strategies and implications to facilitate more sustainable operations in the future.

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