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Vortrag von Daniel Buschek in der Reihe „Digital Sciences at UBT“: „Human-AI Interaction in Writing Tools“

Freitag, den 2. Juni 2023 um 14:15 Uhr

Am Freitag, dem 2. Juni 2023, um 14:15 Uhr spricht im S 104, FAN, Gebäudeteil „FAN-B“

Herr Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek [en]
Lehrstuhl „Mobile Intelligent User Interfaces“ [en]
Institut für Informatik
Fakultät für Mathematik, Physik und Informatik
Universität Bayreuth

im Rahmen der

Vortragsreihe „Digital Sciences at UBT“ (SoSe 2023).

über das Thema

„Human-AI Interaction in Writing Tools“.


In this talk, I present our work on interaction with generative AI systems in the context of working with text. To start, I'll sketch two broad perspectives on interactive generative AI, a technical and a cultural one, before reflecting on the research methods and results of three projects from my group at UBT. These serve us as examples to identify and discuss a bigger picture of the opportunities and challenges around supporting people in writing (and thinking) with AI. The last part then uses two more recent projects to illustrate how we might further gain insight into these challenges and how we could address them by shifting the focus of future AI tools. We'll wrap this up with some broader comments on the role of HCI in an increasingly “hyped” AI application space.

Weitere Einzelheiten erfahren Sie im eLearning-Kurs (Vortragsankündigungen, Diskussionen, ...) der Vortragsreihe „Digital Sciences at UBT“ (SoSe 2023) und aus dem Poster (PDF zum SoSe 2023).

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